The Paris Museum & Historical Society

Admittance to our exhibits is by donation

The Paris Museum & Historical Society is an entirely volunteer-run organization and we rely on donations from the members of our community to keep our lights on and our doors open. Any donation of $10 or more is tax deductible, this includes any in-kind donations of supplies for the museum, archive, or society. Just keep your purchase receipts, and submit them to our treasurer Hilary Wrathall for a charity receipt. Monetary donations are always appreciated.

Donations can be made with a credit card payment through PayPal®, in person at the Paris Museum & Historical Society during regular opening hours or by mail.

For Online Donations:

Please use PayPal® to process your credit card:

For Donations by Mail:

Please make cheques payable to:

Paris Museum & Historical Society
66 Grand River St. N.
Paris, ON
N3L 2M2

If you would like to contribute an artifact to the collection, we can take donations at the museum during regular opening hours, or by appointment. If you'd like to donate an item but aren't sure whether it fits our mandate then simply get in touch to ask.

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