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The Archive Takes Over the Museum

Welcome to our new exhibit called, "The Archive Takes Over the Museum" or TATOTM for short.

Over the last 46 years the Paris Museum and Historical Society has accumulated a vast archive that spans over a hundred years of Paris history. Our aim in this exhibit is to show the variety and depth of that archive while also stressing the importance of the material itself.

In a typical museum display visitors view artefacts that are accompanied by supporting archival material and information but in our new exhibit we are standing that practice on its head. In "TATOTM" we are making a small sampling of our archival material the centerpiece with a few companion artefacts to round it out.

Did you know that PMHS is a historical society, a museum and an archive all integrated into one? And our new exhibit highlights how crucial all three elements of our unique organization are to the whole and to each other. Each element acts to support and strength the others.

TATOTM, curated by volunteer board member Sarah Faucher, also gives us the opportunity to showcase some parts of our collection rarely seen by the public. Given the sheer number of artefacts in our archive and the space limitations in our museum, it’s not surprising that what most people have seen of our archives represents just the tip of the iceberg. So here's your chance to dive below the iceberg and see some of the wonderful treasures that live beneath.

We hope that you will be entertained and inspired. And that the riches you see here will jog your memory, exercise your nostalgia muscle and expand your sense of wonder at what Sarah calls, "the slumbering memory of the town's history".


- Cate Breaugh, PMHS President

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