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Community Outreach

The Paris Museum Outreach program currently consists of bringing the museum to seniors in the area. The Museum is hoping to expand its Outreach program to include other organizations such as schools and church groups.

The first Tuesday of each month the Paris Museum visits Telfer Place. Presentations are done in the large Telfer Place atrium. The Museum brings items to show to the residents that they can look at closely and sometimes evoke memories. Some presentations included items and video about Penmans, "What Am I?" boxes and the cobblestone miniatures.

On the last Thursday of the month the Paris Museum visits Tranquility Place in Brantford. Residents come to the activities room on the second floor to view the Museum farming video, Seeds of Change, or to learn about bottles and glass and antique clothing.

The newest addition to the Outreach Program is Park Lane Terrace in Paris. Presentations will start there on May 1st, 2018 and will be done quarterly.

If you or your organization is interested in a museum presentation please send the request to​ and we will be happy to set up a presentation for you.


There is a $20 per visit fee to research in the museum's archives. A volunteer will find the files or documents you need and afterwards will re-file the items. If you wish the Society to do the research for you, there is a $20 per hour fee. We can give you an estimate of the time required and this fee should be paid in advance. (Please note: members can research free of charge.)

The Paris Museum and Historical Society is operated completely by volunteers. We receive funding from grants, fundraising initiatives, gift shop sales, donations and research fees.

For more information contact our researchers at​.

Some of the resources in our archives:

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