Spectral stirrings highlight Ghost Walk

A chilly, damp mist hung in the air, creating an aureole around the moon. It was a perfect night for the Paris Museum’s “Ghost walk” led by board member and paranormal hobbyist Michael Flewelling.

Twenty-three hardy souls turned out for the trek to St. James Anglican Cemetery; some serious about detecting signs from the long-departed, other curious to see where Michael would lead them.

He gave participants a quick briefing before leaving the museum, asking everyone to keep an open mind and tread carefully. He explained that he and his mother-in-law Ina would attempt to communicate with the town’s founders, using special paranormal devices.

The graveyard was pitch black, except for the odd flashlight. But it seemed the spirits were stirring. Michael and Ina picked up signs of activity almost immediately. Using their communication devices asked they Hiram Capron, the founder of Paris, if he approved of strangers tromping through the cemetery. He answered with 2 flashes — an emphatic no. Nonetheless he was willing to answer other questions about his identity, lineage and family.

Michael and Ina let participants to use their devices to converse with ancestors buried in the cemetery. People fanned out, looking for particular moments and attempting to communicate with departed family members. Using a night-vision camera, Michael captured the scene:

Intrepid wanderers in the graveyard

Some participants developed a real interest in the paranormal, others weren’t sure. But that didn’t stop the group from heading over to the Arlington Hotel to discuss the experience over drinks and tasty food. The evening was the first joint venture between PMHS and the Arlington.

Carol Goar