Volunteer appreciation reception

Honouring a tradition initiated in 2002, the Paris Museum and Historical Society held a volunteer appreciation reception in early December.

The first such gathering was hosted by Marg Deans. It consisted of a horse-drawn wagon ride followed by potluck dinner.

This year’s get-together was held at the festively decorated museum.

The highlight of the afternoon was a talk by pottery collector Sean Murphy about the origin of local pottery and earthenware; what antique collectors should know about the price of these items; and how to differentiate a genuine antique from an old, but not valuable, jar.

Volunteers — both antiquarians and interested novices — listened intently as he illustrated the attributes and estimated the selling price of pieces of pottery from his own collection, then answered questions about everything from where to go treasure hunting; to whether to buy a piece just because you like it.

After a break, where volunteers mingled over wine, punch, fruit and goodies in the research room, they were called back to participate in a prize draw.

Each person had received a ticket at the door. When his or her number was picked out a drum, the individual was invited to the prize table to choose one prize. Pictures, puzzles, aprons, tote bags and books were available.

There were more prizes than tickets, so most volunteers ended up with at least two items. On their way out, they also received a goodie bag and sincere thanks for their dedication.

The reception was a collective effort but Cate Breaugh, Sean and Sharon Murphy and Marie Williamson deserve special thanks for their leadership.

Carol Goar