Ken Sinclair

Ken was born in Paris and grew up on Spruce Street, corner of Franklin and Spruce. He and his dad had a plumbing and electrical company run out of their home. Later he worked for the PUC as an electrician. One of his first jobs was to read hydro meters and by doing so got to meet many of the town’s people and got to know their stories.

He joined PMHS in February of 1973 and was the mover and shaker of the organization, helping Fred Bemrose setup displays, like the military display each year at the Legion and the museum display in the council chambers, and move the heavy stuff around to various storage places etc. over the years. He told many stories about Paris to both Pat and I and others like Marie and Marg. He also was a conduit for many donations to the PMHS as he knew so many people. When these people were ready to donate an artifact etc. they would phone him and he would get it and bring it in along with the story about the item. He was still active in the society well into his 80’s.

I worked with him at Paris Fair time when we inspected and replaced lighting at the fair grounds in preparation for the Paris Fair and during the fair.

Ken was a life member of the PMHS. He became this during one of my tenures as president. For the last year he was living in longterm care at Telfer Place. I would see him on Sunday afternoons when Pat and I would visit a relative. I would say “How’s it going Ken?” and he would say, “Hi Bob doing ok.”

I miss him greatly.

Bob Hasler