Ghost Walk, October 28th, 2017

Just a quick summary of last nights event (I know some of you were in attendance). We had a total of 23 on our walk who braved the chilly night. My mother-in-law Ina assisted with utilizing some of the paranormal equipment. We even had folks who brought their own equipment. We had some spirits out and folks had some very unique experiences. We then had 18 people continue on to the Arlington for some yummy food and drinks. I was very pleased with the turn out and interest of those who attended. Thanks to Marie and Hilary who helped with checking people in.

Here are a few examples of ghost walk experiences…

Marie was able to confirm with a spirit by the name of Susan that she was truly at peace. Then there was a group that had communication from a little boy who was sitting in the tree. He was very playful and in the same location Hilary’s daughter said it sounded as though something exhaled in her ear. Also my mother-in-law Ina snapped a photo of an orb in that same location. The photo was taken with a special full spectrum camera which is why the people are blurred.

Michael Flewelling